Hosted IP telephone solution

Our hosted IP telephone solution removes the need for a physical PBX system. You manage all your calls from the cloud, giving you faster response times and an extremely simple process to set up.

So you won’t need extra office space to store all of those big machines. Refreshing right?

We will discuss your business needs and provide the right solution for you – working with cutting-edge partner NFON to provide a platform to manage your estate, the hardware you need to make and receive calls and the voice partner who can provide geographic and non-geographic number ranges.

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NFON’s fully resilient Hosted UCC platform ensures business continuity, with services and features kept safely in the cloud so communications remain unaffected in the event of an on-site disaster.

Great companies we work with and alongside

We pride ourselves on offering the highest possible standard of service when it comes to all of our mobile communications solutions and our industry accreditations are testament to that. Our current accreditations include: