“I would like to let you know how pleased we are with the advice you have provided us leading up to the renewal of our company’s new mobile phone contract.”

“Jamie was the most enthusiastic and keenest of the many sales representatives that came to see us regarding the imminent change of contract. The deal offered was clear and fair, and we were subsequently promptly advised when any aspect of the offer was about to be amended or withdrawn due to changing deals from the service provider. The regular phone calls, enquiries and updates we received from Jamie assured us that we would have regular access when needed to PLH’s services if any queries or problems arose once the new contract began. Appointments were always kept, and on time, which proved reliability.”

“The involvement, ready availability and awareness of our situation by yourself, as Jamie’s boss was also reassuring, as it demonstrated that within your company communication is good and that you have the finger on the pulse. Follow up service has already been impressive, even though our new contract has only just begun.”

“Based on our experience of PLH so far, I would be more than happy to recommend your services to other businesses in the situation of needing to change their business mobile phone contract.”

Jenny Moody


Bury-St-Edmonds, Suffolk